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Autumn School on Correlated Electrons:
Quantum Materials: Experiments and Theory

12-16 September 2016, Forschungszentrum Jülich


Quantum materials exhibit a spectacular variety of unusual emergent behavior that is practically impossible to predict from first-principles. Experiment is crucial for discovering phenomena such as the metal-insulator-transition, the Kondo effect, or superconductivity. Theory provides the paradigm for understanding these states of matter. Developing such understanding relies on the close interplay between theory and experiment, with experiments constantly putting theoretical ideas to a test.

This year's school will cover experimental techniques such as optics, photoemission, NMR, and tunneling spectroscopy. Understanding these experiments requires the realistic modeling of materials as well as approaches to solving them. Lectures ranging from the model building schemes to advanced many-body techniques provide the foundation to unraveling the mystery of these materials. Introductions to theoretical approaches for calculating spin, charge, and orbital structure as well as response functions provide direct contact to the experimental probes.

The aim of the school is to introduce advanced graduate students and up to the essence of emergence and modern approaches for modeling strongly correlated matter.

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09:00 Welcome
Mean-Field & BCS
E. Koch
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
C. Hess
H. Alloul
R. Eder
10:30Coffee Break
11:00 Charge Transfer
G. Sawatzky
Orbital Order
E. Pavarini
Multi-Orbital CPT
F. Manghi
L. Reining
14:00 FCI-QMC
A. Alavi
M. Foulkes
Poster Session Symmetry-Breaking
A. Läuchli
Bus to Aachen
15:30Coffee Break
16:00 Hubbard Model
R. Scalettar
Resonant X-Ray
J. van den Brink
Poster Session Optical Properties
D. van der Marel
18:00 Bus to Aachen Poster Session
Bus to Aachen
20:00 Bus to Aachen

Lecture Notes

book cover The lecture notes have been published as an OpenAccess book:

Eva Pavarini, Erik Koch, Jeroen van den Brink, and George Sawatzky (eds.)
Quantum Materials: Experiments and Theory
Modeling and Simulation, Vol. 6
Verlag des Forschungszentrum Jülich, 2016
ISBN 978-3-95806-159-0


Autumn School on Correlated Electrons

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