Autumn School on Correlated Electrons

Dynamical Mean-Field Theory of Correlated Electrons

4-7 Oct 2022, Forschungszentrum Jülich

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DMFTHubbard modelGreen functionQMCcorrelated electronsG(ω)DFTsuperconductivitymultipletsmagnetismab-initiomodel HamiltoniansMott-transitionphotoemissionKondo effectentanglementLDA+DMFTA(ω)downfoldingBCSsusceptibilityself-energyΣ(ω)VMCLanczosbasis setorbital-orderingsymmetryχ(ω,ω',ω'')Hubbard-UNiOWannier functionsspectral functiontopologyelectron-phonon couplingquantum informationDMRGLDAHartree-FockGutzwillerLDA+UNRGquantum computingdual fermionsKeldysh contourcRPAVCAtight-bindingHundnessCPTSlave-BosonsparallelizationperovskitesARPESKKRscreeningcDFTMatsubaraSrVO3DMFT,Hubbard dimerG(ω),DMCBerry phaseLMTODCAMott insulatorpath-integralCPAKondoEliashbergcharge transferLuttinger Wardrenormalization groupHiTcpath-integralsreal materialsNMTOforcesphononsKCuF3GW,Hubbard model,continued fractionsMott insulatorsRPAAFMCLuttingerSEEtransformationslinear responseHatree-FockRKKYFCIQMClinearrepsonseoptical propertiesRIXSNMRSTSCDMFTMottclusterDGAMgB2PIMCsuperfluidityAFQMCLAPWFermi-surfaceSrMnO3Jahn-TellerEDFullerenescontinued fractionA(ω )PAWLaMnO3GW+DMFTLaCoO3
Simulating Correlations with Computers, 20-24 Sept 2021
E. KochSecond Quantization and Jordan-Wigner Representations
K. DollFundamentals of Quantum Chemistry
K. BurkeLies My Teacher Told Me About Density Functional Theory: Seeing Through Them with the Hubbard Dimer
P. RomanielloHubbard Dimer in GW and Beyond
E. PavariniDynamical Mean-Field Theory for Materials
R. EderGreen Functions and Self-Energy Functionals
V. JanišGreen Functions in the Renormalized Many-Body Perturbation Theory
G. StefanucciAn Essential Introduction to NEGF Methods for Real-Time Simulations
C. SchillingOrbital Entanglement and Correlation
W. HofstetterAnalog Quantum Simulations of the Hubbard Model
K. MichielsenProgramming Quantum Computers
L. VeisQuantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers
D. DiVincenzoQuantum Computing — Quo Vadis?
Topology, Entanglement, and Strong Correlations, 21-25 Sept 2020
R. JonesDensity Functional Theory for the Correlated
M. FoulkesVariational Wave Functions for Molecules and Solids
R. DrautzFrom Electrons to Interatomic Potentials for Materials Simulations
F. NeeseEffective Hamiltonians in Chemistry
E. KochMultiplets and Spin-Orbit Coupling
R. EderThe Physics of Doped Mott Insulators
J. SpałekMott Physics in Correlated Nanosystems
E. PavariniLDA+DMFT: Linear Response Functions
A. LichtensteinCorrelated Matter: DMFT and Beyond
R. RestaGeometry and Topology in Many-Body Physics
A. SchnyderTopological Semimetals
M. SigristAspects of Topological Superconductivity
D. SénéchalGroup-Theoretical Classification of Superconducting States
R. HeidLinear Response and Electron-Phonon Coupling
F. PollmannEntanglement in Many-Body Systems
M. MüllerQuantifying Spatial Correlations in General Quantum Dynamics
Many-Body Methods for Real Materials, 16-20 Sept 2019
X. BlaseIntroduction to Density Functional Theory
X. RenThe Random Phase Approximation and its Application to Real Materials
C. UmrigarIntroduction to Variational and Projector Monte Carlo
A. LüchowOptimized Quantum Monte Carlo Wave Functions
F. BeccaVariational Wave Functions for Strongly Correlated Fermionic Systems
S. ZhangAuxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo at Zero- and Finite-Temperature
E. KochExact Diagonalization and Lanczos Method
M. StoudenmireQuantum Chemistry DMRG in a Local Basis
K. HallbergDensity Matrix Renormalization
M. RozenbergDynamical Mean-Field Theory and Mott Transition
E. PavariniDynamical Mean-Field Theory for Materials
R. EderAnalytic Properties of Self-Energy and Luttinger-Ward Functional
J. FreericksIntroduction to Many-Body Green Functions In and Out Of Equilibrium
A. DonariniElectronic Transport in Correlated Single Molecule Junctions
N. Prokof'evDiagrammatic Monte Carlo
A. SandvikStochastic Series Expansion Methods
G. OrtizAlgebraic Methods in Many-Body Physics
DMFT: From Infinite Dimensions to Real Materials, 17-21 Sept 2018
D. VollhardtFrom Infinite Dimensions to Real Materials
O. AndersenFrom Materials to Models: Deriving Insight from Bands
F. AryasetiawanEffective Electron-Electron Interaction in Many-Electron Systems
M. KollarThe Foundations of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
M. PotthoffCluster Extensions of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
F. LechermannCharge Self-Consistency in Correlated Electronic Structure Calculations
E. PavariniLDA+DMFT: Multi-Orbital Hubbard Models
H. TjengDetermining Orbital Wavefunctions using Core-Level Non-Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
H.G. EvertzDMRG for Multiband Impurity Solvers
F. AssaadQuantum Monte Carlo Methods for Fermion-Boson Problems
E. KochAnalytic Continuation of Quantum Monte Carlo Data
H. HafermannIntroduction to Diagrammatic Approaches
T. MaierDynamical Mean-Field and Dynamical Cluster Approximation Based Theory of Superconductivity
K. HeldQuantum Criticality and Superconductivity in Diagrammatic Extension of DMFT
M. EcksteinCorrelated Electrons out of Equilibrium: Non-Equilibrium DMFT
The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors, 25-29 Sept 2017
R. MartinElectronic Structure Computation Meets Strong Correlation: Guiding Principles
R. ScalettarInsulator, Metal, or Superconductor: The Criteria
R. RestaThe Insulating State of Matter: A Geometrical Theory
E. KochExchange Mechanisms
A. OleśOrbital Physics
R. EderIntroduction to the Hubbard Model
P. PrelovšekThe Finite Temperature Lanczos Method and its Applications
F. GebhardGutzwiller Density Functional Theory
E. PavariniMott transition: DFT+U vs. DFT+DMFT
A. LichtensteinPath Integrals and Dual Fermions
V. JanišDynamical Mean-Field Theory of Disordered Electrons: Coherent Potential Approximation and Beyond
J. KrohaInterplay of Kondo Effect and RKKY Interaction
M. FabrizioKondo Physics and the Mott Transition
L. de'MediciHund's Metals Explained
R. HeidElectron-Phonon Coupling
A. SannaIntroduction to Superconducting Density Functional Theory
Quantum Materials: Experiments and Theory, 12-16 Sept 2016
G. SawatzkyThe Explicit Role of Anion States in High-Valence Metal Oxides
E. KochMean-Field Theory: Hartree-Fock and BCS
M. FoulkesTight-Binding Models and Coulomb Interaction for s, p, and d Electrons
R. ScalettarAn Introduction to the Hubbard Hamiltonian
R. EderMultiplets in Transition-Metal Ions and Introduction to Multiband Hubbard Models
F. ManghiMulti-Orbital Cluster Perturbation Theory for Transition-Metal Oxides
E. PavariniOrbital Ordering
A. LäuchliStudying Continuous Symmetry Breaking with Exact Diagonalization
A. AlaviIntroduction to Full Configuration Interaction Quantum Monte Carlo
L. ReiningLinear Response and More: the Bethe-Salpeter Equation
D. van der MarelOptical Properties of Correlated Electrons
J. van den BrinkResonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering on Elementary Excitations
H. AlloulNMR in Correlated Electron Systems: Illustration on the Cuprates
C. HessIntroduction to Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials
Many-Body Physics: From Kondo to Hubbard, 21-25 Sept 2015
P. ColemanHeavy Fermions and the Kondo Lattice: A 21st Century Perspective
K. SchönhammerSpectroscopic Properties of Mixed-Valence Compounds in the Impurity Model
E. PavariniMagnetism in Correlated Matter
A. NevidomskyyThe Kondo Model and Poor Man's Scaling
T. CostiNumerical Renormalization Group and Multi-Orbital Kondo Physics
K. IngersentNRG with Bosons
F. MilaFrustrated Spin Systems
V. JanišIntroduction to Mean-Field Theory of Spin Glass Models
R. FrésardThe Slave-Boson Approach to Correlated Fermions
E. KochThe Lanczos Method
A. MielkeThe Hubbard Model and its Properties
R. EderThe Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model
D. SénéchalQuantum Cluster Methods: CPT and CDMFT
T. MaierThe Dynamical Cluster Approximation and its DCA+ Extension
C. FranchiniElectronic Structure of Perovskites: Lessons from Hybrid Functionals
DMFT at 25: Infinite Dimensions, 15-19 Sept 2014
D. VollhardtFrom Gutzwiller Wave Functions to Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Mott-transition
G. KotliarElectronic Structure of Correlated Materials: Slave-Boson Methods and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
A. GeorgesDynamical Mean-Field Theory: Materials from an Atomic Viewpoint beyond the Landau Paradigm
A. LichtensteinDevelopment of the LDA_DMFT Approach
T. WehlingProjectors, Hubbard U, Charge Self-Consistency, and Double-Counting
E. PavariniLinear Response Functions
F. AssaadContinuous-Time QMC Solvers for Electronic Systems in Fermionic and Bosonic Baths
E. KochQuantum Cluster Methods
M. PotthoffMaking Use of Self-Energy Functionals: The Variational Cluster Approximation
K. HeldDynamical Vertex Approximation
W. MetznerFunctional Renormalization Group Approach to Interacting Fermi Systems: DMFT as a Booster Rocket
M. KollarCorrelated Electron Dynamics and Nonequilibrium Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
J. MinárTheoretical Description of ARPES: The One-Step Model
M. SingIntroduction to Photoemission Spectroscopy
H. TjengChallenges from Experiment: Correlation Effects and Electronic Dimer Formation in Ti2O3
Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Matter, 23-27 Sept 2013
R. JonesDensity Functional Theory for Emergents
E. KochMany-Electron States
E. PavariniMagnetism: Models and Mechanisms
R. EderThe Variational Cluster Approximation
A. LichtensteinMagnetism: From Stoner to Hubbard
W. KrauthMonte Carlo Methods with Application to Spin Systems
S. WesselMonte Carlo Simulations of Quantum Spin Models
J. SchnackQuantum Theory of Molecular Magnetism
B. KeimerRecent Advances in Experimental Research on High-Temperature Superconductivity
A. TremblayStrongly Correlated Superconductivity
W. PickettSuperconductivity: 2D Physics, Unknown Mechanisms, Current Puzzles
R. HeidDensity Functional Perturbation Theory and Electron Phonon Coupling
G. UmmarinoEliashberg Theory
D. CeperleyPath Integral Methods for Continuum Quantum Systems
S. ZhangAuxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo for Correlated Electron Systems
U. SchollwöckDMRG: Ground States, Time Evolution, and Spectral Functions
J. EisertEntanglement and Tensor Network States
From Models to Materials, 3-7 Sept 2012
A. LichtensteinCorrelated Electrons: Why we need models to understand real Materials
D. SinghDensity Functional Theory and Applications to Transition Metal Oxides
O. AndersenNMTOs and their Wannier Functions
M. CococcioniThe LDA+U Approach: A Simple Hubbard Correction for Correlated Ground States
J. BünemannThe Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory
E. PavariniCrystal-field Theory, Tight-binding Method, and Jahn-Teller Effect
E. KochExchange Mechanisms
R. EderMultiplets in Transition Metal Ions
O. GunnarssonStrongly Correlated Electrons: Estimates of Model Parameters
R. ZellerDFT-based Green Function Approach for Impurity Calculations
F. AndersThe Kondo Effect
R. BullaThe Numerical Renormalization Group
M. JarrellThe Maximum Entropy Method
A. MishchenkoStochastic Optimization for Analytical Continuation: When a priori Knowledge is Missing
D. DiVincenzoIntroduction to Quantum Information
N. SchuchEntanglement in correlated quantum systems: A quantum information perspective
The LDA+DMFT Approach to Strongly Correlated Materials, 4-7 Oct 2011
D. VollhardtDynamical Mean-Field Approach for Strongly Correlated Materials
P. BlöchlTheory and Practice of Density-Functional Theory
F. LechermannModel Hamiltonians and Basic Techniques
J. KunešWannier Functions and Construction of Model Hamiltonians
M. KollarIntroduction to Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
E. PavariniThe LDA+DMFT Approach
F. AryasetiawanThe Constrained RPA Method for Calculating Hubbard U from First-Principles
E. KochThe Lanczos Method
N. BlümerHirsch-Fye Quantum Monte Carlo Method for Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
P. WernerContinuous-Time Impurity Solvers
A. LichtensteinNon-Local Correlations in Solids: Beyond DMFT
H. EbertMultiple-Scattering Formalism for Correlated Systems: A KKR-DMFT Approach
K. HeldHedin Equations, GW, GW+DMFT, and all That
H. TjengChallenges from Experiment

Erik Koch and Eva Pavarini